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Crimson Descend's Rules

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1Crimson Descend's Rules Empty Crimson Descend's Rules on Sun Jan 29, 2017 1:17 pm


Crimson Officer
Crimson Officer
These are the rules for Crimson Descend. Read them before asking questions.

1. Take a joke. People will make "offensive" jokes but they do not mean it. Likewise, do not go TOO far with a joke.

2. Don't be annoying. If you keep asking for something, spamming the chat with it, you might be kicked. And don't be an asshole. (i.e. calling everyone niggers)

3. Be open minded. People have different points of views, ideals, and opinions than you. Don't be mean because of them.

4. Support one another. We are a guild, like a family. We have to support each other for it to stand. "United we stand, divided we fall."

5. Level requirement is 30+! If you are below level 30, you will not be admitted to join, UNLESS someone boosts you to level 30 or above within a week, but you MUST be AT LEAST level 15! After a week, you will be kicked but may rejoin once you reach level 30 or above.

6. No alternate accounts. Alts of EXISTING MEMBERS OF THE GUILD are not allowed in Crimson Descend. No exceptions. Ex: Kingarthure1238 can't invite his alt to the guild, but if someone not in the guild wants his alt in the guild, the said alt can join.

7. No Drama! Don't start shit. If shit is started, finish, and forget about, it.  

8. *TO OFFICERS* If you invite someone, let me and/or other officers know.

9. You will be kicked if inactive! If you do not log in for more than a four-five weeks, you will be removed from the guild. Exceptions are if you don't have access to a computer and/or internet/AQW for a while...but let us know! If you tell us, we'll see it as inactivity!

10. Stop when told to! If an officer or the leader tells you to stop (argument, spam, etc) STOP! Their word is FINAL! Arguing against them may result in a kick!

11. Tell the Guild Leader! If you want to make any drastic changes to the guild (Wars, Alliances, Rules, etc), tell me first! If I approve, you can do it. If I don't approve, don't do it, nor argue!

12. Join the site! If someone doesn't join this site, they will be kicked!

13. Speak your mind! You won't be kicked if you voice your opinions, but don't talk behind others backs. Likewise, don't stab people in the back.

For more, check the overall rules for the Empire --->

(More rules might be added)

War and Anger shall reign.
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