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The Story.

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1The Story. Empty The Story. on Sun Jun 05, 2016 4:13 pm


Eater of Worlds
Eater of Worlds

Today i'll write what i remember over the year i've lead and been with Tide and its members.

Once upon a time there was 2 people in the dark dim woods of doom,Doomwoodforest.
The Heroes names were Mikey the alsome and Kahtsuda they were farming for the class Necromancer.
Mikey the alsome then leaves to head to the tavern after a long days work and finds another player named Essax Goulder.
Essax Goulder,Mikey the alsome,and Kahtsuda then head to the Necropolis to kill a boss for more Rep and maybe even gain the class Necromancer.
The heroes then meet the exotic player Xelda.

Crimson Tide Leaders:
Mikey the alsome Level 38,Class Shaman
Xelda Level 31,Class Pirate
Kahtsuda Level 35,Class Pirate
Essax Goulder Level 32,Class Warrior


Xelda seemed to be shifty,He already knew Essax Goulder from some time ago and they got together and knew each other quick.
The bounding experience between the two blossomed as another player came by,by the name of Seth1560.
The crew,after hours of working in the farming spot came out on top.
Mikey the alsome and Xelda both got Necromancer.
Didn't take long for Kahtsuda to follow suit.
Essax Goulder then said he didn't like the class and proceeded to buy the Class Darkblood Stormking under Mikey's Pretense of good classes.*BIG MISTAKE*
It was not long until Mikey told Essax to create the now sensational guild,Crimson Tide.

Crimson Tide Leaders:

Mikey the alsome Level 43,Class Necromancer 
 Kahtsuda Level 38,Class Necromancer 
 Xelda Level 33,Class Necromancer
 Essax Goulder Level 32,Class  Darkblood stormking


Essax Goulder quickly gave the officer spots to the now would be Founders of Crimson Tide.
Mikey didn't take long on this thought and quickly devised methods of recruiting,It did not take long until many people were invited.
Popular names that go by Opals 333,Shadowninja3211,the3r34lr34p3r,and The rest of the Gen 2's.
It was until the marking period that showed who was truly leading the Tide.
Mikey Rose up in fame as he quickly gained power among his guild members.
The PvP standards were going by Teams,Mike lead the strongest team,detailing him the leader of Association and strategy which allowed Essax to falter in the choices he made of who would succeed him.
Mike gained a following but that would quickly be his undoing,Members Steelknight and Deathlord rename themselves to Crimson_Archangel and Crimson_Deathlord,It did not take long for the Emperor himself to follow suit.
The Dawn of Civil war is almost here and Many of the Originals have already bled out,Xelda and Essax are no where to be found in this conflict and Kahtsuda leads what ever remains of the Neutral Men and Women.

Crimson Tide Leaders:

Crimson_Emperor Level 65,Class Blaze Binder
Crimson_Archangel Level 50,Class Blaze Binder
Kahtsuda Level 50,Class Necromancer
Essax Goulder Level 34,Class Blaze Binder

Crimson_Emperor wrote:Damn that was a long Chapter.


Civil war was here and the people who had the most lead in it were Crimson_Emperor and Crimson_Archangel.
The same method the Emperor used caused him his un-doing and may even cost him the guild he stole.Archangel Left the guild taking some of the more prized members,Kaye1,Deth,and Djile.
Crimson_Emperor led the largest force that mostly had the backbone of Crimson Tide and some of its Stronger men.
Th3r34lr34p3r In all the Chaos left the guild to create his own.
C7oud is found somewhere and Emperor is unable to recruit him.
Archangel and Emperor's Cold war begins and the first blow thrown is from Emperors side.
The Emperor ordered all of the 'Crimson Legion' Men and women to be hunted down and hated by everyone around them.
'Crimson Empire' then goes to other servers to gain fame in mini Guild War Brawls.
As the ultimate duel came,it came at a price.
Crimson_Emperor won the duel without Archangel even touching a single hair on him.
The Emperors ego was at a Peak and it would only be brought down by something greater.
The words that hit him were from someone he would never expect it from.
As the Emperor and Archangel have their spout in the courtyards of the Shadowfallen Princess,Essax Appears with some golden words that the Emperor himself will never forget.
Emperor:The first thing he says when he Hasn't seen me in a week.

Archangel:Jesus Christ.
Emperor thinks fast and tells Essax and Archangel to have them reforge the guilds and once again be whole.
Essax allows this and appoints Emperor 2nd and Archangel his 3rd.
Kahtsuda is rejoiced to see his old comrade back but it would only spell the dying breath of one of the last Founders seen alive other than Emperor.
There is one thing lurking in the shadows and its one of the most deadliest Assassins on earth.

Crimson Tide Leaders:

Crimson_Emperor Level 65.1,Class Evolved Pumpkin Doomlord
Crimson_Archangel Level 60,Class Blaze Binder
Essax Goulder Level 39,Class Blaze Binder

The Assassin was one that no one would expect and would future change the way the Emperor looked at recruits forever.
One day as the Emperor was recruiting he caught wind of a group of people in Yulgar.
The man that lead the group was Necromancer Hawk,Emperor asked if Hawk would want to join and he kindly said no.
It was until the day,Doomsday,That Emperor would recruit the man.
Crimson_Emperor was banned from Battleon and its regions to no longer be able inside.
As he lived in the Deadrealm he sent messages to and from using other 'Bodies' and Appointed Necromancer Hawk as his second to hopefully rebound what he lost.
The guild quickly broke down over the arrangement and some of the more Original members left and made a guild to await the Emperors true return.
Necromancer Hawk ruled with a so called Iron fist but it was not long until the truth was revealed.

Crimson Empire Leaders:

Crimson_Emperor came back to a guild worthy of shambles.
His banning was 2 weeks long and when he came the guild went from 40 members to 20.
Necromancer Hawk was the so called Assassin that had brought the fall of Crimson Tide.
Twisted Knights,Crimson Tide Refugees hid out away from the Enlunians until everything cleared up.
Enluna was boosted by a lot more Members once Crimson Tide fell.
Crimson_Emperor came and recreated Crimson Tide.
He re-recruited Key members and got in new Officers.
D3v1lNe0 and C7oud were some of the new Officers.
Archangel and Chaos took up Officer mode for the time being.
It wasn't long until the Crimson_Emperor came across more problems regarding his guild.

Crimson Empire Leaders:

More problems arise when the illusive Darkveto comes from the dead to haunt the Emperor.
Darkveto and D3v1lNe0 Kicked everyone from Tide and has since left a mark on Emperor.
With this now done,C7oud ruled that he would never rejoin,Unless they paid a price.
The Emperor recollected his thoughts and made a deal with Darkveto but he did not know that was just stalling what Veto had in store for him.

Crimson Empire Leaders:

Another bitter win against Darkveto showed Emperor one thing,Darkveto can fucking PvP.
Darkvetos skill rivaled even Emperor,He barely survived the last onslaught.
Before Emperor could find out on the surface it was Crimson_Chaos vs Crimson_archangel for the 2nd seat of power while deep below Necromancer Hawk and Rypt both Conspired.

Necromancer Hawk and Rypt took over Essax's long gone body and used it to trick the Emperor.
Darkveto gets into Emperor's account unwillingly from Both parties and deletes every amount of power he had in his Stable,Emperor is left with nothing but the guild's name and he goes back to check on everyone to only find that Hawk and Rypt's cruel necromancy destroyed his guild,The Darkveto age ended with Emperor,Hawk,and Rypt banned for a week and Darkveto to never return.
Emperor came back and rebuilt the Empire,Creating 3 Guilds,Crimson Underworld,Crimson Curse,and Crimson Divinity.

Crimson Empire leaders:

Emperor creates Crimson_Fracture,Crimson Anarchy,Crimson Solitude,Crimson Inquisition,and Crimson Arquebus.
Emperor nukes Fennel's guild,Then convinces Fennel to join Crimson Empire.
Emperor nukes Chaos's guild,Anarchy falls,Chaos is replaced by someone else.
Emperor's Tide gets nuked by Bong Rip,And then The ultimate Mystery.
The Ultimate Nuke that multiple people with many great minds can't decipher.

The Nuke of Tide's beginning and End.

Crimson Empire leaders:

Crimson Empire is at a all time peak,with Guild's in every corner of Nythera and Alina.
Emperor quickly decides to make a Heir,and Retire of being the Emperor.
He decides to continue his life as a Legend,leaving behind one of the greatest guilds in Aqw History and watches as the Crimson Empire slowly falls.

Crimson Empire leaders:


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'Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect.'
'I am none too Shallow nor too Strong'-Crimson Emperor
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2The Story. Empty Re: The Story. on Mon Jun 06, 2016 9:20 pm


Crimson Officer
Crimson Officer
the story begins many scenes and memory come
your loyal follower

The Supreme Knight
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3The Story. Empty Re: The Story. on Wed Jan 25, 2017 8:29 pm


Guild Leader
Guild Leader

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